Coolest. Mail. Ever.

She's "acting" like Eric on the cover.
Signed by the cast of Modern Family
A Modern Family script signed by cast! AHHH! She'll be performing the entire episode by her birthday.

I think most people know that Emmy winner Eric Stonestreet, from Modern Family, is a K-State alumnus. It did not surprise any KSU fans that he contacted us after Emma’s story went national. I think it is safe to say he shares the same passion that our family does for K-State.

Like everyone else in America, Scott and I are HUGE fans of the show. I would not be honest if I said I wasn’t star-struck right now. A part of me is screaming, AH! The cast touched this!!!  The other half of me is like “Eric totally gets it as a K-State alum. Kids, just politely say no to coloring the Jayhawk, ok?! Am I right, Eric? *fist bump*”

Thank you so much, Eric!! And thank you to the cast of Modern Family! Thanks for keeping us laughing every Wednesday night!

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