Once Upon a Time…

Ok, this is blog worthy. This is my current favorite show:

Once Upon a Time, Sundays at 7 pm (central) on ABC.

Every fall, I will pick out a few shows that sounds interesting and within a year or two they will be cancelled. It’s horrible. It’s like I curse the new shows. Every year, I swear to myself that this will be the year I pick the good shows that last. Wrong. Nielsen ratings – I desperately need you to pick my household!

My mom told me about Once Upon a Time. It started quite a bit later than the other new shows so it went through my radar somehow. My mom is amazing at picking the hit shows. AMAZING. The cable networks should hire her after making pilot episodes. I can’t get enough of Once Upon a Time. I sit and watch the minutes tick to 7 pm, anxiously shaking my knee up and down and my hand on the remote like some kind of addict on Sunday night. I get on random websites to see what is going to happen next week immediately after the show is over. I even got Scott hooked.

If you read the ABC website, the producers will tell you the story is, like every fairytale, a story about hope.

Hope…blah blah. I’ll tell you what it’s about: it’s about the Disney Princesses and other childhood fairy tale characters. I describe it as watching the “Disney Princesses for grown-ups” (although, not in the sex and drugs type of way). The popular fairy tale characters we all know from our childhood are stuck in their own town, Storybrooke, in “our world”. They don’t remember who they really are. The evil witch – Snow’s White’s witch – put a spell on them in their “fairy tale world”. Only Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter – they have a daughter! I know, already so good – Emma, can save them.

I watch and listen to everything Disney in this house thanks to my two girls. This show puts a spin on all of that. It makes me think of every character carefully. I have fun trying to guess who is who. I believe it’s produced or written by the same people that made Lost – to give you an idea on how complex the story line is. Please, I beg you. Get your mouse clicking over to abc.com

I let Emma watch the pilot episode. She was entertained but she asked wayyy too many questions. I didn’t even know the answer to some. It’s appropriate for kids but it may be a little too complex for them to comprehend what is going on. I say if you have the time to explain everything, let the kids watch too. Scott is totally hooked after just listening to it while I was watching it in bed on the iPad. And Scott doesn’t even know who Rumpelstiltskin or Hanzel and Gretel are! He’s worse than watching it with Emma!

I cannot wait for Sunday!!! I’m totally convinced that I am Snow White stuck in Kansas.

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