Kate’s Timeouts.

Kate, Miss Terrible Two.

I hate to compare but it’s only natural when you have two or more kids. When Emma was two, I thought “terrible twos” was a myth. Emma had her moments, she was known to have meltdowns occasionally. She definitely told us “no!” a lot. She never liked car rides but she would fall asleep easily in the car. That’s all I really remember. The nurse at the pediatrician told me at Emma’s two year old check up that two-year-olds can be so sweet and “terrible twos” is really exaggerated by most parents. I completely agreed.

Along comes Kate, age 2:

Main Entry:  terrible twos
Part of Speech:  n
Definition:  a stage of development in which toddler behavior is a particular challenge
Example:  Alternately clingy, whiny, negative, fearful, and loud, their unpredictable behavior is epic, and it’s often been written off as the TerribleTwos.

Yep. That’s her! I could also add a few adjectives to this. The child will put up a fight when she’s in trouble. She will try her best to get in the last word.

Let’s say she does something to get in trouble: biting Emma, repeatedly not listening to us when we say stop throwing food on the ground for the dogs, coloring on the carpet with markers, pouring a whole bottle of soap on the carpet in her bathroom, plotting her next tantrum, picking out what old folk’s home she’s going to send us to….

We will firmly tell her NO and she gets sent to “timeout” in her room. She’s usually kicking, screaming and crying as we carry her to her room. The second we shut the door, her cries shut off like a light switch. She’s completely quiet. You wouldn’t even know she was in there. She will stay in her room until we come get her. Once we go in to get her out, there will be a pee puddle on the carpet. Her pants will be soaked. She will be standing there with her arms folded, staring at us. No emotion in her face.

She pees her pants on purpose at every timeout.

I have even put a diaper on her before shutting the door. That didn’t work – she just took it off and squatted. This has been going on for months. Some say that maybe she’s so upset she wets herself. I assure you, these are not “accidents”. Her actions have given herself a new nickname by daddy – she went from “bulldog” to “she-devil”.

A few weeks ago, we took the girls to Lowe’s to return something. Scott and I were talking to the cashier. Emma and Kate were playing on the flatbed carts behind us. Kate started to jump, making a loud banging sound. I turn around and tell her no. She continues. Scott turns and firmly tells her to knock it off.

The cashier then says to us, “Oh, I think she may have wet her britches. She got that look in her eye.” That look in her eye was her giving us the evil stare-down. She completely wet herself.

I pick her up and take her to the car where I keep extra sets of underwear. I change her underwear and put her in the car seat. We drove over to Home Depot next. Since I didn’t have any extra pants for her, I wrapped my scarf around her waist like a skirt. I carry her inside. I ask her, “Kate, did you have an accident or did you pee because daddy yelled at you?” No response. She stares straight ahead. “You can tell me, Kate. I won’t get mad. Did you pee on purpose?” She still stares straight ahead and then I feel her patting my back. “Kate!” She squirms down and runs off with with Emma.

One thought on “Kate’s Timeouts.

  1. And I thought my Annie was the only kid in the world that does this (the stare down, defiance, and pant peeing)! Please let us know if you figure out something that works!! We are getting desperate! Good luck! 🙂


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