Talking Tom.

Talking Tom, the cat. Have you heard of him?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may have. He’s an app that just repeats what you say in his cat voice. You can also pet him, beat him up, give him some milk, make him throw a pie, fart and other things but his main purpose is to repeat what you say in high pitched voice.

We purchased (actually I think he was free) Talking Tom whenever he first came out. It was cute at first. Girls thought he was hilarious. But like many apps, the girls stopped playing after a few months.

Kate is a professional at working the iPad now. She can play any game Emma plays. She can work the Netflix app – goes right to the children’s section and helps herself to any video she wants. She even plays games that Scott and I play (and rather good for a 2 year old). She knows when to charge the iPad. She can turn the volume up and down.

There has been a recurring ritual the past month or so. Every morning, Kate will climb in bed with us. She will grab her iPad on my night stand and open up Talking Tom. Scott and I will still be sleeping then we get woken up to this:

Hi Kitty. Hi Kitty.

What are you doing, Kitty? What are you doing, Kitty?

No, I’m the Kitty! No, I’m the Kitty!

I Kitty! I Kitty!

Stop it, Kitty! Stop it, Kitty!

Meow! Roar! Meow! Roar!

(High-pitched scream) (Higher-pitched scream)

You want some milk, Kitty? You want some milk, Kitty?

(Pours milk, chugg chugg, ahhh!)

You drank fart milk, Kitty. You drank fart milk, Kitty.

(Fart, fart, fart, faaarrrtt)

Ahahahaha! Ahahahaha!

I love you, Kitty. I love you, Kitty.

Awwwww! Awwwww!

Let’s wake up Mommy. Let’s wake up Mommy.

Mommmyyyy! Mommmmyyyy!

No, it’s MY mommy, Kitty! No, it’s MY mommy, Kitty!

Mine! Mine!


You bad, Kitty! You bad, Kitty!

(hear finger taps and punches thrown)


She will have a conversation with “herself” until one of us gets up and tells her to turn it off. Of course, when I say “Kate, turn it off.” I hear “Kate, turn it off.

Then she busts into laughter. Then that cat busts into laughter.

That is how I start my day, every day.


2 thoughts on “Talking Tom.

  1. We totally love ‘Talking Tom’ in our house…..OK, well Jack does. :0) The twins have more than one app like that one….I think like an ostrich, a hippo, a porcupine & something else, but I don’t remember. One of them talks really slow, but if you feed him an energy drink he’ll all of a sudden go really fast & sing what you say. It’s rather entertaining. haha! I think our biggest addiction in this house is none other than, FRUIT SLICE or FRUIT NINJA!!! What a game! haha!!! Happy Tuesday! xoxoxo ❤ xoxoxo


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