A star is born.

If you don’t know Emma, she can be summed up in one word: Artist.

She loves everything about art. Fascinated with learning about styles of art, famous artists, famous drawings. She has an understanding for art concepts. Today she showed me if I draw a tree very small, it appears to be far away; but if I draw a large tree, it seems to be close. Her favorite thing to do is creating things. Paint, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, stickers, glitter, stencils, clay, random pieces of junk. She has it all. The desk in her bedroom could be easily mistaken for someone who scrapbooks.

Not only is she obsessed with the fine arts, she also has a desire to be on stage. Singing, dancing and acting. She wants to try it all. Scott will tell you that I started this obsession by letting her watch Glee with me. I personally think she feels natural “performing” because ever since she was born, she’s had a video camera or SLR camera in her face. She knows how to make people laugh. She knows how to change people’s emotions by her facial expressions. She’s very expressive with her eyes.

I enrolled her in a little musical theatre class last summer to see if she would like it; she begged me to take acting classes. She has been taking the class every Saturday this whole semester. I found the class through the city’s park and recreation guide. The actual class is taught by an actual theatre company, not the city. They are pretty legit classes. She was already learning basic improv in the first class. She also said everyone had to sing a solo to the teacher the first day. This would have terrified me at 5, but Emma – she absolutely L.O.V.E.S it. Every Saturday when I wake her up, she pops out of bed excited.

There was a “parents preview” about a month ago. We got to see them practicing for their big “Tangled” show. Lots of group dancing/singing. Little bit of acting from some. The role of “Repunzel” changes with each scene. I was completely floored when it was Emma’s turn to perform as Repunzel – a solo. On cue, Emma walked out from her singing/dancing classmates, her classmates got quiet and sat. Emma took center stage with a pretend microphone. She wrapped up the song and brought it home. All by herself. No voice assists. I sat there with my mouth open. She didn’t even tell me!


Her big show this Friday on the big stage – meaning this place seats 1,500 people. It won’t be filled with people, but that’s still a lot of seats out there to look at!  I really don’t know what to expect. Will she freeze? Will she be a show stopper? Will she sing loud enough? I asked her if she practiced on the big stage last weekend and she said, “Yes. I get to sing into a real microphone for my solo. On a real stage. It’s like a huge stage, mom. Like 1,000 feet long.”  I made the mistake of asking her if she was scared on the stage (Scott grilled me for that question later). But Emma was fine with it. She said, “no mom. Why would I be scared?  I just sing. That’s not scary to me. I like people watching me.” Two days ago, I caught her watching Repunzel’s solo on her iPad. She was mimicking Repunzel’s facial expressions. I asked Emma what she was doing and she said she is trying to figure out when to close her eyes like Repunzel during her solo. Every morning, she asks how many more days until she’s on stage.

3 more days until Emma’s first performance! We are very excited to watch her. She will be perfect. She will get the biggest bunch of flowers from her daddy. And mommy will have the SLR camera in one hand and video in the other.

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