Little orange and black red hots.

The best thing about having a house full of stinky men is their appetites.

Scott’s Florida friends are staying at our Kansas house for a few days while they deer hunt.

The guys and I gorged ourselves on leftover Halloween candy. One of the guys, Tim, mentioned he’s been searching for a specific candy. No one seems to remember it but him.

Little did he know, I am the candy queen. Stump me.

Tim: Ok, they’re little red hots but they were not red. They were black and orange in a clear package. They didn’t have a name. They were the same size as red hots. And they tasted like red hots.

YES! I remembered them.

And they were delicious.

I went to my go-to people on halloween candy – my mom and sisters. One sister remembered them and said they were gross. The other sister told me didn’t remember them at all because she was just a baby burrito during my trick-or-treating days. Her baby burrito mouth really missed out. My mom said she didn’t think she ever bought something like that.

Uh, but she did. I know she did.

I need to find this candy because my mouth is watering. Little black and orange red hots. I spent a quick 15-minutes on the internet searching for “black and orange red hots.” I got one legitimate hit. I found another woman looking for the same thing on some message board. Most people didn’t remember them but a handful of people did. There are no pictures on the internet of this candy. The only picture this lady could find was in an old ad for Brach’s.



You. You exist. Brach’s.

Someone ended up writing Brach’s to bring them back and this was Brach’s response:

…Brach’s did manufacture Cinnamon Imperials that were orange and black in individual treat packs for Halloween. It appears that these candies were discontinued in mid-1990.

We are happy to hear you enjoy our products! Due to the high cost of production for specialty items and the lack of sales, we simply cannot justify the manufacturing of this item at this time. The cost to the consumer would not be in line with other items currently available. However, we do appreciate your comments! …

** Update: September 25, 2017: The orange and black cinnamon imperials were definitely better than the red ones. I remember this clearly now. I swore the black ones were a tiny bit hotter than the orange ones too. I am writing Brach’s to see what kind of response I get and maybe, just maybe, they’ll make a come back.


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18 thoughts on “Little orange and black red hots.

  1. I have been looking for these too! Even a picture! No one I talked to seemed to remember them either. Thanks for the photo link to the Brach’s ad! 🙂 Every Halloween I got these in my bag. They seemed a little less hot than the reds.. I loved them!


      1. I also remember them. I saved all the little packs I could find and used them as buttons and noses on snowman cookies. They were awesome!


  2. Haha! The last time I had these was around 1993. I have looked for them every year since then. Sad to hear that they were discontinued but at least now I know I wasn’t making them up in my head!! They were so cute and were my favorite candy to get as a kid!


  3. Yes!!! Finally some folks who remember those cool orange and black cinnamon Halloween treats we got as kids. My brothers and I have looked for Beach’s to bring them back for Halloween for years. They were so cool to get in our trick or treat bags. And yummy too. PLEASE Brach’s!!!! Bring them back!!! 🙂


  4. I loved these as a kid in New York in the 1970s. Yes, Brach’s — please make these again. Very retro, very cool! And very memorable.


  5. I remember them. I also remember the pastel ones at Easter, but they were fruity flavor. I still look for little imperial candies other than just the red hots. I order them online and get peppermint and red, pink and white fruity hearts. Funny that I just came accoss this page, as I did look for the orange and black imperials (what they call these tiny hard candies) just last month for Halloween.


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