3 Things.

Two things on my mind.

1. Christmas music/decorations – I am one of those people that start listening to Christmas music as soon as Halloween is over. I was searching frantically through the stations in the car on November 1st. I didn’t hear one Christmas song. I call my mom in a panic. She didn’t hear any either. My sisters said there was nothing on in Tulsa or St. Louis. I get on the internet and find out that one of the stations will start the day after Thanksgiving. Damnit! The Scrooges won! My husband is one of those people, a Scrooge. He probably called in and yelled about skipping Thanksgiving. Ugh. People. Is it so bad? You can change the station you know. I’m sure your life won’t be drastically altered if you can’t listen to the regular soft rock programming – which I highly doubt you listen to anyway. That vast majority of Christmas music is Christian music. How can you have so much hate for it? The holidays are called the holidays-with-an-s for a reason! We’re celebrating Thanksgiving at my house this year with Scott’s side of the family. We are also celebrating Christmas since the real Christmas will be spent with my family. You can bet my house will be fully decorated down to the last strand of tinsel. My lights are already up outside (but not on, mostly b/c I’m scared of our homeowners association). I will be blasting “Sounds of the Season” from my TV. Emma will be belting out the high notes to “O Holy Night” for everyone to hear. And Kate will be running around, probably naked – like the baby Jesus himself. Christmas music makes me happy. My rant is off my chest now.

2. Pinterest – When I’m bored I go to this website. I make room in my schedule to be bored. Ok, fine…I waste my time. But I wouldn’t really say completely wasting. As a mom of two young girls, I have found this website is a tremendous tool. It has everything: decorating kids rooms, recipes (maybe a little bit too much on the dessert though), games/playdate ideas with kids, diy projects for around the house, inspirational quotes. I can’t really describe it other than it’s like looking at a magazine with no articles or ads. Or looking at a google image search but way more organized. I have caved on the whole “Elf on a Shelf” thing based off the adorable ways to hide the elf.


How cute are these?!

I’m just glad my phone doesn’t have an app for pinterest. Uh, watch out iPhone users – you do have one. I’m trying to use it more as a tool (Christmas gift ideas, teacher gift ideas, Thanksgiving recipes) than just randomly going through page after page. I’ll try harder once the newness of it has gone down.

3. Scott’s hunting friends are back for a week (so they say). It’s better this year with the bigger house. They are sleeping in the unfinished basement on air mattresses. Not looking forward to the deer va-jay-jay juice smell. Hope they like Christmas music in November.

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