Seeing life through purple-colored glasses.

I am a KSU graduate. I have had purple blood since 2000.

I feel like I’m watching the KSU football team I knew in college. The winning football team. The only football team I knew when I first fell in love with K-State. I feel like college football is back where it should be, minus Nebraska – who needs ’em anyway?

I get in these modes….

Yelling at girls to let me listen to SportsTalk radio in the car.

I can’t sleep at night because I am on the freaking computer reading every newspaper’s take on the Cats. I am reading forums with other KSU fans. I am reading ESPN blogs. I study up on the next team. I read the opposing team’s athletics website. I trash talk.

I get superstitious. You won’t see a facebook or twitter status update from me before a KSU game, only after. I am planning on drinking the same beer Scott and I drank the night of the Big 12 Championship in 2003. Pabst’s Blue Ribbon – I don’t remember why we drank that particular brand. The beer was awful but it tasted delicious after the game was over.

I have changed my twitter feed to include every major KSU sports writer.

Sundays are the worst. I get a hard copy of the Kansas City Star. I get anxious for the new rankings to come out. I am scrolling website after website. I pump my fist at every mention of KSU on ESPN.

Just now, I set my phone for 9:15 because I heard Bill Snyder will in interviewed on ESPN. I am dancing around the living room, pumping my fist at the football highlights. Then get two inches from the TV absorbing every word Snyder says. I hope my neighbors aren’t looking at me in the window.

I’ve gone crazy. I know I’ve gone crazy. The little voice in my head is telling me I’m crazy and probably very annoying to anyone who doesn’t watch/care about football. I can’t help it.

Scott is the same way but he doesn’t look or sound crazy because he is a guy. I’m woman turned sports-obsessed man. I’m crazy.

I know if we lose it will hurt. Oh, will it hurt.

I wish I could cool it down a notch. I can’t do it this week. We got tickets to the KSU/OU game. I’m counting down the days until we can leave for the rolling hills of Manhappiness. I will be in the mix of other crazies. I will feel completely normal wearing powercats on my fingernails and tattoo on my face. The purple will surround me everywhere I go. I am completely ready to have no voice on Sunday. I will pour my heart and soul into my screams when OU is on offense. I will cry when Bill Snyder walks out of that tunnel. I will cannonball myself right off that bench.

Be looking for Scott’s crutches as TD signals on TV. And me, a part of the sea of purple. GO CATS!!!!

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