Flower petal ornaments.

Get out of here, Pinterest. Great Grandmas are where it’s at.

Scott and I got married in July of 2004. That Christmas, his grandma gave me Christmas ornaments filled with dried flowers from our wedding. They are still one of my favorite ornaments to get out and admire.

A few days before Jenna’s wedding, I went to Hobby Lobby. Three hours later, I ended up purchasing what I came in to purchase: clear, empty ornaments.

Then came the tricky part – stealing all the drunk bridesmaid’s flowers bouquets while they were dancing.

I brought the flower petals home to let them dry out. They dried for about 5-6 days.The flower petals must be soft enough to push inside the ornament opening but they can’t be too soft or they will mold inside the ornament. If they’re too dry, they will break upon pushing them inside. It’s an art.

I also left the tops off right up until I wrap them. I needed as much air flow as possible to really dry them out.

Boom! Fun Christmas gift for the newlyweds!

Pin it. I would totally pin this on Pinterest if I were you.

One thought on “Flower petal ornaments.

  1. What a great idea! We still need to get together for other crafts!!! I’m trying to finish knitting a scarf & crochet a blanket, but I can’t stay focused. :0) I get to many ideas & want to do them all! :0) Seriously, let’s get a our group of crazy crafters together w/our kiddos & play w/crafts. :0) xoxox


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