Aunt Jules!



I’m going to be an AUNT – and not the 4 legged niece/nephew kind of aunt!!!

My sister and brother-in-law told me over Labor Day weekend that she was 6 weeks pregnant and due in April. There is video of my reaction on my brother-in-law’s phone. I’m sure it will go viral. It goes something like this:

I’m looking through a scrapbook they made of their dog, Gracie, and the last page reveals they are pregnant. I stare at the page for like 10 seconds, I shake my head as I start to put things together. Then…instant tears and loud obnoxious screaming/crying. I drop out of camera view b/c my head is in my sister’s lap, saying thank you to my niece or nephew (for simply existing). Emma is crying b/c I’m smashing her. Kate is dumbfounded and keeps repeating, “what happened?”.

Next thing I heard from my brother-in-law was, “got it on video.” Damnit. It’s embarrassing.

Then I was told to keep the secret until Jessica felt she was far enough along. I am traditionally not good at this. But somehow I made it all those weeks, through a wedding, without saying anything. Although I did tell Scott’s side of family. I asked permission first.

Since I couldn’t really talk to anyone about becoming an AUNT for the first time, I bombarded my sister and brother-in-law’s phone with random texts. These are spread out over 5 weeks time:


  • I’m going to target and babies r us to get baby g some “my aunt loves me” shirts
  • And I’m going to make a shirt for uncle pookie too
  • I’m going to barnes n noble to buy baby g some books that I can record my voice
  • Yes! Let me read to baby g every night so baby g knows aunt jules voice!
  • I can barely eat lunch, I’m so excited!
  • Ugh. April? Anorexic aunt jules! lol
  • I hope it’s a boy. I need to buy boy things.
  • Then J and I can trade off on weekends. She can take girls to get pedis and I can take baby g to monster truck races or something. lol
  • Yes! I’m so pumped for baby g! I can’t stop smiling. Baby g is going to be so freakin spoiled at xmas by aunt jules.
  • Going to toys r us today to make xmas lists. Shopping for baby g like it’s my 3rd kid.
  • I just thought of visiting you in hosp with a jet black haired baby burrito. Now I am effing crying along Metcalf. lol
  • (Pic of Kate on a hot wheels car) Does baby G want one too? ok, baby g. anything for you from your aunt jules.
  • (Jessica was in Brazil for work and she was texting me that she was not feeling well) You say the word, baby g. I will be on the first flight out of kc to rio de janeiro to talk to you. baby g, i know you just need auntie jules by your side to make mama feel better.
  • In brazil
  • On the beach
  • 🙂
I may be a little too excited. It’s great. It’s like expecting a baby without me being pregnant! And I don’t have to nurse it or wake up in the middle of the night! My job is to solely spoil the crap out of that little thing! He/she will love me so much. I will be the cool aunt with the crazy cousins.
Come  on April!! I need to hold you Baby G!!!

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