Simply the wedding of the year.

I have a new brother-in-law!! And the final Crowder sister is off the market!!

The wedding landed on a sunny day, high mid 70s.

The ceremony was just as beautiful as the weather, although, tear-filled.

Jenna whispered to our dad that she was nervous before walking down the aisle. Our dad’s advice: Just don’t look at your sisters. Jessica and I were on the verge of  a crying mess.

When it was my turn to walk down with the Best Man, I had a clear view of Steven’s face. He about lost it when he saw his brother – which made Mike and I cry together down aisle. Jenna came down the aisle with my dad in complete tears – which made me cry. Steven had to stop his vows to pull himself together in order to keep repeating after the Pastor – which made me cry. I could barely hear Jenna’s vows and I was the closest to her – which made me cry. When the Pastor asked everyone to put their head down in prayer, all the bridesmaids noses started to run from crying which in turn made us start sniffling uncontrollably – which made me laugh and cry.

The reception was by far one of the greatest ones. My dad has always believed that a reception should have open bar. No one should have to pay for their drinks. It’s a party hosted by my parents – free booze for all.

Jenna’s reception was at Starlight Theatre on the main stage. As a surprise to the guests, my parents had the wall/curtain open mid-party so we could see all the empty seats. Not everyone gets a chance to see Starlight from the stage view; it was breathtaking. I didn’t get a picture of this view from my camera. I was a little busy by the bar, in the photobooth, dancing, eating, hiding from Kate, grinding on my uncle to freak my dad out….

It was a wonderful night. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding for my baby sister.


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