Wedding crashing.

I went to a wedding last Friday.

  • I did not know the bride or groom.
  • I did not know the families of the bride or groom.
  • I did not receive a formal invite.
  • I did not have a gift.
  • I drank their champagne while toasting the couple. Know idea who I was toasting to.
  • I ate their food. I ate their cake. I brought their cake home and ate it the next day.
  • I brought my uninvited daughter too.
Sound like wedding crashing, right? Yep, pretty much.
In reality, I was really babysitting the ring bearer while his mom was doing bridesmaid duties. My good friend, Lorle, called me the day before and asked if I could help her out because her “and guest” got sick and couldn’t watch Tyler. At one point the only people in the reception hall that I knew was the ring bearer and my daughter. I took the somewhat awkward situation and tweeted.

My tweets, for those that do not follow me:

If I’m going 2 a wedding and don’t know bride or groom or families, no invite, no gift, and eating their food…wedding crashing, right?

Someone asked how I am. How nice. Lol. #weddingcrashing

Photographer just took a pic of me. Yes! #weddingcrashing

Emma: Mommy, who’s wedding is this? Me: No idea. #weddingcrashing

Peace be with you. Hey, nice to meet you. #weddingcrashing

This is so awkward. I don’t know a soul. Open bar. #weddingcrashing

Too bad I’m driving home. Sprite for me. Free sprite. #weddingcrashing

Uh oh. Table is asking how I know bride/groom. Damnit. “I’m with the ring bearer” #weddingcrashing

Nice dinner. Very nice. Yummy. Let’s cut that cake, bride/groom I don’t know. #weddingcrashing

My daughter. A natural at wedding crashing. 

Bride/groom and best man doing a MJ montage. This is great. Gotta be on youtube. Look 4 me #weddingcrashing

Started walking faster out the door when bride did a double take at the 2 plates of cake I was taking home. #weddingcrashing

Thank you Lorle, for asking me to help watch Tyler! It was a great way to spend a Friday night!

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