When I first saw the island in the kitchen of this new house, I immediately thought of rolling out Christmas cookies.

When I first saw the backyard, I thought ohmygosh, a haunted forest!

It’s  September. Time to start planning my mission. This could get out of control. I took Emma shopping last night just to get some ideas…

May I have this dance, Emma?
Hey, you got a light?
Jason? With curly hair?
Daddy went hunting again...filled the freezer.
He's going up in one of the trees.
An addition to my witch costume.
I hope kids leave my house like this.

We will see how far Scott will let me go. I will try to update as it gets closer to Halloween. I am already envisioning a creepy fence guiding you to the back, a graveyard, spiders everywhere, thunderstorm sounds, red-eyed crows starring at you from above, ghosts and skeletons hanging from trees, bats hanging, coffins, strobe lights, maybe a big hidden fan to make it seem colder. Ooooo..this is going to be good. Emma is so excited. I hope we make daddy so scared, he craps his pants.

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