The imagination of kids.

My brother and his dog, Claire, are staying with my parents. Claire will chew Emma and Kate’s toys at my parent’s house. She will run in the toy room, grab a toy and then run away. The toys will be in pieces by the time we rescue them from Claire’s mouth.

One of our last nights in our “old” house, I get Kate out of the car after coming home from my parents.

It was a night where there was still some daylight left but you could already see the moon out. The moon was showing a tiny sliver in the sky.

Kate: Moon!! Look! It brick!

Me: It brick?

Kate: Yeah! Brick! Pieces!

Me: Ohhhh…broke! It broke in pieces?

Kate: Yeah! Claire did it!

Me: You think Claire chewed the moon up in pieces?

Kate: Uh huh! Yeah!


The next day, Emma is eating her dinner outside. She is studying the moon in the semi daylight while she eats.

Emma: Do you think Claire wore a spacesuit? (giggles)

With a space helmet? (giggles)

And she just floated up, up, up….and was (giggles) barking! Barking at the moon while floating!

And she reaches really high with her paw at the moon and gives it a little tap…then rolls it around…then maybe she gets it. And starts shaking it in her mouth. (giggles)

Then she floats back down in her spacesuit realll sllllow. Leaving a piece of the moon there. (Rolling on floor laughing)


A week or so later.

Me: Kate! Look, Claire put the moon back!

Kate: Good girl, Claire. Good girl.

Emma: She will get it again. In her spacesuit! Floating up in her space suit and helmet! (laughing)



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