Oh Emma.

Me: Emma! Did you learn about Earth Day at school?
Emma: Yes! We learned about recycle.
Me: Recycling? What did your teacher say about it?
Emma: Well…when you’re done with some things. You put it in like a can.
Me: And what’s the can called?
Emma: Like a trash can.
Emma had her Easter Party at school.
We signed up to bring napkins. When I picked up Emma she had a basket of eggs.
Me: Oh…Emma! I hope I wasn’t supposed to send filled eggs for the class too…do you know who brought the filled eggs for the egg hunt?
Emma: Ha! The Easter bunny.
The girls were eating dinner.
Me: Ah! Kate! You’re face is sooo messy!
Emma: Kate, just cross your eyes and you can see it too.
There is this neighbor of my parents that always mows a giant smiley face in his yard, near his pond.
Emma: Mommy, I like that smiley face.
Me: I know. It’s cute. You should ask daddy to do one.
Emma: Yeah, that might be hard. He’ll have to make the smiley face with curly hair.
Scott: Emma, you are going to be such a good swimmer this summer!
Emma: But, dad. I’m not a mermaid. I’m a human.
Me: Em, you need to go brush your teeth now.
Emma: Why do I need to brush them now?
Me: Because you need to brush off all the sugar you just ate. Sugar makes cavities on your teeth if you leave it.
Emma: How does it do that?
Me: I dunno, it like eats away your teeth, then you get little holes. Those are cavities.
Emma: But sugar doesn’t have mouths, how does it eat my teeth?
Emma and Kate were watching Beauty and the Beast in the car.
Me: Emma, isn’t Belle so pretty in her yellow dress?
Emma: Yes! She’s gorgeous.
Scott: She’s not as gorgeous as my Emma though.
Emma: Dad. Be nice to the princesses.
Scott: But Belle can’t hear me. She’s just in the movie.
Emma: Just be nice.
We’re going to my cousin’s baby shower tonight.
Me: Em, we’re going to a baby shower tonight.
Emma: Whose baby are we getting wet?
I was bringing up a load up of laundry. Scott and Emma were in living room as I was going up the living room stairs.
Scott: Look at mommy! She is so strong carrying that laundry!
(I put down the load at top of stairs and walk into kitchen. I didn’t hear what Scott said.)
Emma: Oh! She’s not strong anymore.
I woke up to Emma laying next to me in our bed. She was awake.
Emma: Hi mommy.
Me: Hi boo boo. Did you come and sleep with us last night?
Emma: Yeah. I tried to lay with daddy but that’s the stinky side of the bed. Your side smells much better.
Emma and I were laying on the hammock. Emma said she had to poop.
Me: Ok, go ahead and go inside but be quiet because Kate is sleeping.
Emma: I know. Be quiet….but…but, she might hear my poop plops. I’ll try to drop it softly. Like this…(whispers) plop.

I’m in the car coming back from a sno cone run at tad’s with the girls.

Emma: so…when I’m a grown up, will I have babies?
Me: yeah, probably.
Emma: do babies open their eyes in mommy’s tummies?
Me: yep. They move around. I could feel you moving inside me.
Emma: well…how do you know if I will have a boy or a girl?
Me: girls have vaginas and boys have penises.
Emma: ohhhh…so I’m going to have girls.
Me: no, the baby inside you will have a penis or vagina. You wont have girls just because you have a vagina.
Emma: so if I have a boy, I will feel the peanut moving?


Last night. Emma was brushing my hair. She was pulling at a tangle.

Me: Ow! Slow down!
Emma: Get tough, mom.

Emma: Sooo…when I’m older can I drive like you?
Me: Yep. When you’re 15 or 16 you will learn.
Emma: But…how will I get a car?
Me: I’m sure Daddy and I will buy you one.
Emma: Can I pick it out now?
Me: No.
Emma: What about the color? I want a pink one. Let’s go pick a pink one now.
Emma: How tall is daddy?
Me: I dunno…like 6 foot.
Emma: How many inches is that?
Me: Uh…like 70ish.
Emma: Whoa. That’s a lot.
Me: Yep.
Emma: Don’t you think that is kinda a lot for screaming down Splash Mountain?
Me: Emma, what artist did you learn about today in art school?
Emma: I dunno, but he’s a great artist. No one can draw as good as him in my class.
Me: Emma, did you learn about Van Gogh today in art school?
Emma: Vincent. Yes.
Me: Do you think he’s a good artist?
Emma: He loooves to make swirlies…like tons and tons of swirls.

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