Tweet tweet!

I went to my sister’s bachelorette party this past weekend. On the way down, my sister asked me to join Twitter because her and her friends were on it. They just started themselves. It’s the new Facebook.

I already had an account but it was only to read what celebrities said. And honestly, I rarely read it. For fun, I went ahead and tweeted with them.

It’s confusing as hell.

I had to get a crash course on everything Twitter from 24-year-olds. The @ and # symbols are a big deal. @ basically “tags” someone. # will put that tweet in a category where others can tweet as well. Adding a picture, adding a video, and adding an article or website all look like a website link that makes no sense. The whole thing looks like a foreign language. And I’m just now learning how to read it.

I’m still a little confused on the difference between Facebook statuses and tweets. My personal interpretation:
tweeting is for random daily thoughts and Facebook statuses are for announcements or questions for people to respond to.

I haven’t tweeted much since I got home. But I might try it out for a little bit. It is a little addicting when you have a group of friends tweeting as well.

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