Life in the fast lane….

In between my Florida trip and my Oklahoma trip, we got an offer on our house! It was a very good offer too. We settled fairly quickly. We have to be physically out by August 7!

This is a huge weight off my shoulders. My goal was to get Emma in the elementary school she will stay in for good. Still working on which elementary school but at least I know I can start looking. Our deadline is August 16th – when the schools start (which is still way too early if you ask me).

So for what is left of this month, you will find me with packing tape and a permanent marker in hand…
Or giving my yay or nay to the houses Scott is finding.
Or performing chauffeur duties to Emma – Dance lessons, art classes, swim lessons.
Or attending mandatory playdates – this is mandatory for myself to chit chat with my mommy friends to keep me sane. I have missed them!
Or sitting at my computer working on my sister’s wedding planning including 3 showers.
Or searching and scanning paperwork to realtors, banks, and schools.

Ahhhh! “Overwhelmed” is an understatement. I can feel my
face starting to break out now.

Ok, now it's your turn - write me back.

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