Grandma’s Shellroni.

I’ve been telling many of you that I will post some of my family Mexican dishes.

I have been waiting to do this because I really need to take pictures while I’m cooking. There are no “recipes” written down. These recipes are just known from watching our moms. It is pretty much impossible during 5 o’clock hell hour to take pictures. Pioneer Woman puts my food pictures to shame. I don’t care how hard I try, I cannot (and will not) produce a beautiful picture of olive oil drizzling over a hot skillet.

This particular photo shoot was done with my camera phone. I had to act fast because I had a small poison control crisis with Kate at the time — By the way, a whole package of Orbit fruit punch gum swallowed = massive diarrhea.

Here we go…

Grandma’s Shellroni. – It’s a staple dish. I cook this with nearly every Mexican meal. I’ve ate this stuff since my early days in the womb. I’ve bought those “Mexican” rice sides before and they are terrible. This is much better. I’ve been known to eat a whole pan of shellroni in college for dinner. But, it is meant as a side dish.

Heat skillet on medium/high heat. Drizzle olive oil on it. (My grandma uses vegetable oil. I try to cook with olive because it’s healthier.)

Pour the shellroni noodles (in pasta section, get the smallest kind). Enough to cover the bottom evenly.

Add 2 cubes of chicken bouillon (or 1 for a small skillet). Add minced garlic, as much as you please. Stir around until the shellroni is a light/medium brownish and bouillon is broken up. Keep stirring…the shellroni can burn easily. You can also add chopped onion if you would like. I cheated and used some onion powder.

Pour about 3 cups of water into skillet (my grandma uses about 4 cups, but I like a thicker tomato sauce). Add a small can of tomato sauce, you can get by with the unsalted version. I actually don’t taste a difference. Oh, and stand back when you pour in the water, it splatters.

Stir. Set heat on low-medium. My grandma has added other things at this point…cumin, chopped carrots, salt/pepper. I like to add crushed red pepper if I’m making it for myself. The possibilities are endless. I’ve even seen my grandma experiment with a can of Rotel too.

Cover and let sit. About 20 or so minutes. I would check it every so often to make sure it’s not sticking to pan. You want the water to evaporate as much as possible. My mom says not to stir, but I do. I’m paranoid about burning the bottom.

Finished! It’s very simple and easy. Not a lot of ingredients but it is so good. My girls will eat double servings of shellroni. And I will finish off the pan. From experience, shellroni is the easiest to master. If you want that “Mexican restaurant rice”, this is the same recipe but swap shellroni for white rice. My grandma’s rice is just as good or better than the restaurants. Although, it takes a little bit of practice on getting the rice to cook just right. I still have not mastered it.

I hope I remembered everything….good luck! We paired this with quesadillas but any Mexican dish will do.

One thought on “Grandma’s Shellroni.

  1. Thanxx!!! Keep the recipes coming when you have the time. It looks delicious & I am going to have to try it, maybe tomorrow w/the kids for dinner. :0)


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