How did I live my life before google? Google knows my deepest, darkest wonders of the world. Google doesn’t laugh at my stupid questions or inquiries. I think you can tell a lot about a person by doing a quick google history search.

A glimpse at google on my personal computer:

  • What is the difference between coke zero and diet coke
  • What is a squall line
  • Safest place in basement during tornados
  • How to start collecting antiques
  • Yellowstone national park with kids
  • Why isn’t my house selling
  • What is pashmina
  • Hair styles for thick hair
  • Real estate in Florida keys
  • Casey Anthony trial
  • Does H&M have online ordering
  • How to curl hair with straightener
  • Is climbing up slides really dangerous
  • Do you need to fill cavities in baby teeth
  • 2 year old won’t take naps
  • Homemade ice cream recipe that doesn’t taste eggy
  • Is it possible for a child to drink too much milk
  • Swim coverups
  • Kids summer boredom
  • Is it illegal to put “house for sale” fliers on apartment complexes cars
  • Appropriate response to a 5 year old after ‘where do babies come from’
  • Wedding program designs
  • Is Country Crock margarine or butter
  • Travel and constipation
  • Father/Daughter country songs that are not depressing
  • Owning farmland
  • Why are my kids crazy
  • Munich, Germany octoberfest

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