The pediatric dentist.

If any professional can make you feel like a terrible parent it’s the dentist.

I’ve been taking the girls since Emma was about 3 and since Kate popped her first teeth.

They have always gotten fairly good reports. Always with a few “floss a little bit more in this area…she’s a little red here, try a little harder brushing here…nice job but try brushing this way…”

It’s impossible to NOT stretch the truth a tiny bit. Find me one parent that brushes and flosses their kid’s teeth at least 2 times a day and after meals. Impossible. It’s like taking the hardest class with the hardest professor in college. It’s damn near impossible to get an A+. Even the smartest of the smart will get an A-. Rarely does a parent walk out of the kid dentist with a perfect score.
Emma and Kate’s pediatrician even admitted to me that even she can get “lectured” about her kids brushing habits. She said she feels like “the worst parent ever” every 6 months.

Well. The girls had their teeth cleanings today. And….(cue tear filled eyes)…Emma has two cavities.
Ohhhhh nooooooo! I wanted to cry right there in front of every one. It felt like a let down. Two let downs. I swore the receptionist was judging me when making the cavity filling appointment. She WHISPERED to me dates that would work for them for “Emma’s two trouble teeth”. My head tells me the change in tone of voice was to not put any fear in Emma. But my emotions were telling me she was quiet so others wouldn’t hear I’m a horrible teeth-brushing parent.

The brushing is fine. It’s the flossing. Emma has a small mouth (this would be daddy’s genes – confirmed by his mother). Since she has a small mouth, her teeth are already crowded and tight. Flossing is a must with her mouth/jaw. We floss but apparently not enough. The cavities are in between the back molars, like where only floss can get to.

This is not good. Sirens going off. Parent failure. Brush more!! Floss more!!
Someone give me a hug until July 6th.

Is this some kind of karma for being cocky earlier today about letting my kids climb up the slide??

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