Summer work.

We’re barely into summer but I can already tell how my days will be:

  • If the girls don’t get outside at least once every day, my day will end in tears – from me – after all the meltdowns from the girls. They are happiest when outside. Emma and Kate are already very, very tan. I don’t want to think about how they will look in August. I am not used to being this tan in June. I always wear high spf and dislike “tanning” – cancer and wrinkles scare me. But this constant sun is proving to people that I am indeed half Mexican.
  • Water must be involved when outside. Kiddie pool will be filled no matter if it’s scorching hot or kinda cool. I know my parents will look out their windows and see us splashing around in their pool, unannounced.
  • Bath/showers are necessary for every one, every night. Sweating, pool water, and hose water does not make for very nice smelling children (or mom).
  • Laundry must be done, or at least started, every night. Wet swimsuits, wet clothes, wet underwear from the potty-training one, and wet towels get first dibs in the washer.
  • My days of “extra-curricular activity” chauffeuring have begun. Emma is taking swim lessons, dance lessons (a present from her Aunt Jessica), and art lessons. I am hesitant to sign her up for anything more because I hated “lessons” as a child. I have a fear that she will too and don’t want to push her to do something she does not. Although, she seems to be enjoying everything she has started so far. This is enough driving as it is.
  • I broke the ice cream truck seal. I got Emma and myself some ice cream last night from the ice cream truck (he drives directly in front of our house every evening). Funny how Emma had a keen sense of hearing tonight. I have gathered a bowl of quarters, ready for tomorrow. I am weak when it comes to ice cream…so weak.
  • I have a vastly larger group of friends with kids to call on for playdates during the week. I have a lot of teacher friends.
  • Scott has already started sweet talking me into taking the girls camping. And taking Emma on early morning fishing trips. And taking the girls to a Royals game or Sporting game.
I’m not really complaining about all this summer work. I do feel bad for friends and family that have to do paid work indoors in office attire. Every one really should have summers off (don’t know how that could happen but the idea is nice). My calender is just busier than I thought it would be after Emma’s preschool ended. It will be a fun (and exhausting) summer with a very tan 2-year-old and 5-year-old.

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