Climbing up slides! Oh no!

Emma had swim lessons this morning. Luckily, there is a park on the other side of the fence where I can take Kate to play.

Kate and I walk towards the playground equipment. There were maybe 3 or 4 other kids playing. Two moms sitting to the side. One of them is yelling:

Logan! Stop running up the slide! We sit down on our bottom and slide down. Do not walk up the slide! …Ok, if you do that one more time, we are leaving.

The kid stops and plays on something else completely.

The big slide is available to play on. Kate runs to it and starts climbing up the slide, exactly like “Logan” did.

I say nothing.

She makes it to the top, turns around and slides down. Weeeeeee!!

I clap for her. She runs off and plays with something else. I can feel the mom stare at me. I pull out my phone and start playing Words with Friends, occasionally looking up to make sure Kate is ok.

What is the big deal with kids running up slides? Yeah, I know they can fall. But they can fall doing a lot of things on playground equipment. I feel like the only mom out there that doesn’t mind my kids climbing up slides. And this particular slide was the twisty kind, with high sides. It would be really hard to fall. There are times when I do have to pull Emma or Kate away from going up the slide, such as when there are kids going down or when the slide is just too steep to go up. I will also tell my kids to stop climbing up if there are kids we actually know around – mainly because I don’t want to seem like a bad mom to their moms.

I climbed slides as a kid. My siblings and friends climbed slides. I hung upside down on the monkey bars too – OH NO! Do monkey bars even exist anymore?  I don’t remember my mom or dad ever telling me to stop doing something on a playground. Hmm…but I do vaguely remember them yelling at me to stop kicking my sister under this thing:

I’ve never heard of a kid falling and getting seriously hurt while climbing up a slide. Kids will get bumps and bruises. All parents know even the strictest helicopter mom cannot stop all cuts and scrapes. Kate has rolled off our slide at home while sliding down on her butt. Accidents happen.

Climbing up slides does not seem very dangerous to me. I protest in my head with the kid getting yelled at …but why?!?! Come on, mom!!

My kids will clearly have an edge to rock climbing at the gym or hiking up a mountain as adults…

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