Road Trip!

Scott and I went to La Crosse, Wisconsin this weekend for his cousin’s wedding.

We had planned this for months. We would leave the girls with my mom and drive up for the weekend. When I say drive up, I mean Scott drives with maybe me helping him a hour or two.

Things took a different turn leading up to the weekend.

Scott went to ER Thursday. Had an operation done Friday afternoon. Got the clear to travel Friday from his doctor on the big condition that he under no circumstances could drive. He was on heavy duty pain meds and really needed to lay down. Out of respect for Scott, I cannot post on my blog what was medically wrong with him. But if you’re close to me, you probably already know. He should have a full recovery and be fine.

We decided to go ahead with our plans. I had a cocktail dress I was dying to have an excuse to wear and Scott wanted to see his cousins. I drove all 7 hours with Scott in his “recovery bed” in the back. It was actually quite comfortable and roomy. I tried it out before we left.

I’m not looking for a career right now but I have found one that I could enjoy – trucking.

Oh yeah…can you see me behind a semi truck! Toot, toot!

It’s amazing what kids can do to your feelings towards a simple every day act such as driving. My car is an enclosed little contraption of yelling, Dora’s theme song, Disney princess songs, screaming, 20 questions, farting, I Spy, crying, Shhh’ings, french fry throwing, milk spilling HELL ON WHEELS. It’s not fun.

7 hours of listening to whatever I wanted was as blissful as a day at the spa. I drove and thought in complete silence. I listened to a book on tape (for the first time ever). I listened to music on the radio. I talked on the phone to my sisters and mom. I enjoyed the scenery. Scott was pretty much knocked out half the way. The other half he read or watched a DVD quietly to himself. He kept asking if I was ok. I was GREAT. I can drive anywhere in the country with no kids. I could keep going to Canada. There was no stopping me. I never once got tired. Only had to stop to use the bathroom once.

La Crosse is a gorgeous little town. Historic looking. Lots of trees. Rivers, lakes and streams everywhere. Shopping galore (no chain stores either!). Many hole-in-wall coffeeshops, multilevel clothing boutiques. Antique stores (we bought an old whisky barrel to use as a pub table in the “man cave”). I would totally want to live there if it wasn’t for the weather November through March. It was actually in the low 60s while we were there…I felt out of place using the heater in June.

The wedding was fun. The bride and groom were beautiful. Dinner, drinks and dancing was a blast. It was especially nice to see Scott’s extended family, as we only really see them every other year during Christmas. Scott danced with me to one slow song and watched on the side mostly. All 6 of Scott’s cousins (and their wives) danced with me the rest of time. Scott did bust out his fast dance moves to one song (I’m sure it was painful for him). I know he just can’t help himself when he hears a little Michael Jackson come on. It was one of those nights where my abs are sore the next day from laughing so hard.

Whoa. I look really Mexican here. And pool season just started!

Scott was able to drive for a few hours on the way back home today. I insisted that I could do it but Scott wanted to drive for a little bit (he was off the heavy duty pain meds at this point). I realized the “bed” in back was just as relaxing. I drove the rest of the way after he got tired.

Road trip anyone? You have a driver. Just find me a babysitter!

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