Raiders of the Lost Ark

I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark last night.

Wowza! Harrison Ford was a stud in his younger days!

Honestly, I liked it. I did fast forward the fighting scenes when they got too long. I got bored. Other than that, it was a good film for being made the year I was born.

I realized throughout the movie why I haven’t seen this as a child. Lots of graphic (for a child) scenes of melting faces, people’s heads being chopped off and the like. I’m sure my mom knew that sort of thing would give me nightmares as a kid.

Then I realized I am guilty of the same thing to Emma and Kate. They have never seen the beginning of Nemo when the mom dies. Emma has seen “Ariel’s Beginning” in its entirety once. I have skipped the beginning ever since because Ariel’s mom dies. I skip the scary parts in the woods on Snow White. I just don’t want them to see sad scenes. I don’t want them to get too scared either.

I can totally relate to this scene from Friends when Phoebe doesn’t know the endings of sad movies because of her mom. This will be Emma and Kate as adults.

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