Scott wants to run the 5k in KC next month. Scott doesn’t normally do much cardio. I’m actually shocked he told me he’s going to do it. He sticks to lifting free weights.

Then Scott asked me if I would do it with him. And asked me again tonight.


N-freakin-O. I hate cardio. I hate running, no, no – LOATHE running. My best mile in high school P.E. – 12 minutes. And that was trying really hard. I generally came dragging in dead last.

Yeah, I’ll do like 10 or 15 minutes on an eliptical machine at the gym. Then I’m off to the free weights with the big boys for an hour. Or a toning/strengthening/sculpting class. Scott has rubbed off on me. I didn’t work out until I met Scott. He got me hooked on the free weights.

I like the feeling of jello limbs when I’m done. I like the achy burn the next day. I love protein shakes. I even secretly love working my legs so hard that I have to let myself fall on the toilet seat instead of squatting down normally. The pain makes me feel like I did something good. I would rather work hard lifting weights than feeling like a hamster on a treadmill. I would rather do a bikini fitness show than run a 5k. I would rather do 1,000 situps than run around my block. Are you getting my seriousness on this running issue? For me, it sucks. I know a lot of you that read my blog love to run. Don’t worry – I think you’re just a tiny bit crazy. Just a tiny bit.

So Scott keeps bugging me to join him. He doesn’t like cardio either and said he would take it easy for this 5k. His easy is my “passing-out”. I know very well that Scott is an overall great athlete. He would smoke me out of the water. If he wants to be easy on me, he better have intentions of walking the majority of the way.

I have been ignoring his requests for me to join him. Someone, please, join him! Anyone! He needs to stop bothering me. I will cheer him on and encourage him however he needs it. But I’m not joining him.

Now, signing off…time for some Jackie Warner.

One thought on “Running.

  1. Okay, so after reading this, it is all making sense as to why you did not respond to my request to come run your frustrations out w/ me, LOL… too funny! I guess I forgot how much you dislike cardio…I am the total opposite…weights are my least favorite gym activity, although I KNOW weight lifting is much needed to TONE so I should do more lifting…eh! Maybe we can work some kind of deal out…You run a little w/ me and I’ll do some weights w/ you??? hee hee


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