I have Fall Freaks.

Uh oh.

Anyone that knows me well will know my favorite time of year is fall. The reds, yellows and oranges on the trees. Pumpkin, cinnamon, hot chocolate. The smell of burning firewood. Football. Cool mornings and evenings. Crunchy leaves at your feet. Ghost stories. Halloween. Pumpkin Patch. Corn mazes.

I decorate my house with fall decorations in August.

So here we are in Spring. May. The furthest you can be from fall or Halloween. Fall isn’t even on my radar. I’m enjoying the warm up from the long winter.

But the girls have been on a fall/halloween frenzy. It’s all they talk about. Emma sings her halloween songs she learned in preschool all the time. She sings them so much, Kate has learned the words and will randomly bust out in song too.

They draw pumpkins, ghosts, scary monsters. I don’t know how many times Emma has asked me to draw a skeleton for her.

Whenever Kate sees me at the computer, she insists on watching our old Jib Jab Halloween videos.  Video no. 1 and Video no. 2. She will sit on my lap and beg. “JIB JAB! JIB JAB!” She’s been doing this since Halloween and won’t give it up. I was forced to bookmark them.

Emma has started thinking about halloween costumes. She wants to be something scary this year. She wants to be a witch, a scary one.

Emma asks how many days there are until the Pumpkin Patch. For her birthday, she asked for a Chiefs ticket. She wants to tailgate and go to a Chiefs game with my dad.

I have showed Emma youtube rides at Disney World to get her excited. She is excited about seeing the Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Mansion! What 5 year old looks forward to a ride like that?

Scott does not think this is shocking at all considering how I am. My kids have now passed me up. They are bigger fall freaks than I am.

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