Way to jump the gun, Emma.

Really, Emma? 30?

We are a good 6 months away. 183ish days. No need for the big 3-0 yet.

The other kids put their moms where between the ages of 12 and 17. True, my kid is the most accurate. Let’s round down, Em. Round down.

2 thoughts on “Way to jump the gun, Emma.

  1. Emma is so silly, I wonder why she said “30” maybe the number just sounded good or something, lol! Well, please know you will always be one of the hottest, prettiest, youngest looking moms I know! I’ve always wished I could be as tall, slender, and big boobed at you! I always tell people how gorgeous my “super-model” look alike friend Julie is! I always think it’s cool when people thought we were sisters, then I could feel as pretty as all the Crowder Girls! You all are so pretty and will never look your age, always 10 yrs younger =) That’s what I think! And even when you do actually turn 30, just remember you’ll be “30, FLIRTY & THRIVING” ~13 Going on 30 (one of my FAVE movies!)

    Happy Monday Chico Bonita!

    I’m gonna get to my work now, but I do enjoy reading your blogs though, I think you’ll see that I will be reading these more often than I have in the past 😉 Keeping up with you IS important to me, and although we don’t hang out very much anymore b/c we have very busy lives, I always hope you know, you are important to me! Sorry, just one of my little sappy, emotional thought for the day ❤


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