Sugar Cookies with Coffee Frosting

We had a few realtors come by our house last week. I like to leave candy or snacks for anyone looking at my house. I decided on these cookies (found here) because I love coffee. And the realtors were coming early in the morning. It sounded perfect.
Wrong. They were terrible. I definitely have a sweet tooth but these were too sweet. The mere thought of them after trying one was nauseating. Although, the sugar cookie part was good. It was the frosting. The frosting had to go.
I left the realtors with no snacks. (They really should thank me.)
But I thought this would be an appropriate time to bring up my love affair with coffee.
The first time I had a few sips of coffee was when I was 5 or 6. My mom would let us have sips her coffee if we asked. I remember liking it but not enough to ask for my own cup.
Fast forward to sophomore year of high school. My friend, Patti, introduced me to this little coffee shop she went to with her mom and sister. It was called The Grape.
At first, I copied what Patti ordered. It took me a few visits to memorize what to say. My first real coffee beverage was the “Tall Iced Irish Cream Breve”. With the help from Patti, I learned the coffee speak quickly.
I loved that dark, smokey little coffee shop. Much like my friend, Patti, the regulars were an artsy, hip crowd.
Occasionally, bands would come in. If we were lucky we could actually listen for a little bit before we had to be home for curfew. I remember an artist sitting in the corner just sketching my group of friends laughing. We would chit-chat about our high schools lives to gay men. My friends liked the fact they could smoke there. I was one of the few, maybe the only, that never did smoke. And then there was the hot barista, Kevin. Oh, he was beautiful. I think most visits, I would just stand there and stare, mumbling about a breve…iced…tall…something. He would flash his bright smile, wink, and tell me “I know”. He would whip out a tall iced irish creme breve.  His were always the best. Oh Kevin, he made me blush.
Every Friday or Saturday night, you would find me at The Grape with Patti. Sometimes I would drag myself out of bed and go before school if Patti could talk me into waking up early. If we skipped school, that is where we would be hiding out. We spent hours and hours of our high school lives there.
So my love of coffee and coffee shops began. Unfortunately, The Grape closed after a few years.
I was left completely hooked on coffee. I didn’t need coffee every day, but I did need my friends to gossip with. To this day, most of the same group of friends still meet for coffee whenever we can. It’s different now. Bright and cheery Starbucks replaced The Grape. Business men and women replaced the artsy crowd. Our exciting drama with boyfriends turned into talk about husbands, marriages, and kids. Sometimes we even bring our own kids–giving them sips of our little coffee concoctions.
I order drinks from Starbucks from my own coffee speak, not their menu. I drink coffee every day. I don’t generally drink coffee to “wake me up”. It relaxes me. I get a strange urge to gossip when I smell coffee. I still cannot drink “black” coffee or “espresso”, like I said, I do have a sweet tooth. Just not a big enough sweet tooth for those cookies.

3 thoughts on “Sugar Cookies with Coffee Frosting

  1. OMG! Jewels you just brought back SO MANY Awesome memories! I LOVED going to The Grape Coffeehouse w/ YOU almost every day!!! Oh and how could we ever forget KEVIN ❤ I wonder what ever happened to him? I can still picture his perfect white, sparkling, CHARMING smile, ahhh! I am so happy I am part of your love for coffee =) Those are memories we will have forever =) I have a new place to introduce you to that I found I really, really like! We need to have a date some time soon! It feels like it has been forever since we had a coffee date! I know you're getting ready to leave for your Disney trip soon, so maybe when you get back? When do you get back? I can't wait to hear about the trip either! Anyway, I just had to comment on this post b/c I was part of it and because it is always nice to remember The Grape, Kevin, and all our high school memories! I love you bunches JeweLEE! Hope to talk to you / see you soon!

    Princess P. aka Patti!


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