Girls: Get EXCITED!

Disney World!!! Ahhh!! I’m so excited for Disney World!!! I’m counting down the minutes until we get on that non-stop plane to Orlando, Florida!

I’m especially excited for the WARM humid Florida weather (high 80s)! May weather in the midwest has not been kind this year.

I have been watching youtube videos of other people’s kids meeting the Princesses. I’ve been watching promotional videos from DW. I gave the girls little pedicures with Mickey symbols on their big toes. I have been reading up on Disney Mom websites. Got 3 Disney World books. iPad apps downloaded. Got the Cinderella’s Castle breakfast booked. Got Emma’s Princess up-do booked. Asked everyone that has been to DW with children for any advice or tips. I want to see all the new additions since I’ve been. I want to ride all the classics. I want to have the girls reenact the same pictures I have with my siblings.

I’m even excited for “It’s a Small World”.

The girls are PACKED. I’m packing my stuff tonight. I’m sure Scott will wait last minute.

My excitement is quickly muffled by Emma. UGHHH!! It’s so frustrating to be excited around her. Emma knows she’s going to Disney World. But she doesn’t get it. She’s more excited for FedEx to arrive tomorrow for birthday week (from Scott’s dad. He sends the girls a package a day for their birthday week). I shake and yell at Emma every day: Who cares about FedEx and a freaking toy!!! AHHHHH!!! Count down to Disney World!!! You have no idea!!!!

She really has no idea. I try and tell her how magical the castle is. It’s like a real castle. It’s like as high as 100 of our houses stacked up. And the Princesses are so beautiful. And Mickey is so nice, he can wiggle his nose if you kiss it. And you can get an autograph book and Ariel will sign your book like she signs the scroll from Ursula! And you can ride a Flying carpet! And you can ride a Pirates of the Caribbean ride!! ARG! And you can fly in a boat to Never Never Land! And you can go inside a haunted mansion!! Ooooo…scary!!

Emma! WAKE. UP!! Stop obsessing about FedEx!!

When Emma gets back home I’m going to remind her that she was more excited about FedEx than Disney World. She will look at me like I’m crazy, much like I’m looking at her now.


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