Disturbing show and tell.

Friday evening, at dinner, Emma told me some disturbing news.

Mommy guess what *Johnny (I changed his name) brought to school?

What? Tell me!

He brought a gun! Like a real one!

Um, what.

Don’t worry, he left the shooters at home so he wouldn’t shoot anyone. You know, he would shoot it and nothing came out. You don’t want to shoot someone.

Hmmm. And did he bring this gun for show and tell or did he bring it in his backpack and only show you?

He brought it for show and tell.

So your teacher saw this?


I didn’t know what to say to this. Scott walks in.

Emma, why don’t you tell your daddy what Johnny brought to school today?

A GUN! Like yours! Like bang, bang! But he didn’t bring the shooters. We don’t want someone to get hurt.

Yes, daddy. Emma told me that Johnny brought a gun to school!

Scott gave me a concerned look.

Emma, what color was the gun? Was it grey or black?

No, it was white and green.

Was it a water gun?

No. It was like a real one. But a toy one. But with no shooters. He left the shooters at home.

Scott gave Emma a lecture on “gun rules” he uses with hunting. Always hold the gun away from you and others. Never aim at someone’s head, even a toy one. He told Emma that if she ever sees a gun at school, make sure her teacher is aware. And to never play with someone’s “gun”. What else were we supposed to tell her? Scott loves guns. Loves hunting. Even he started to get scared before we questioned her some more.

I’m very disturbed by this. I’ve concluded that this gun was a true toy gun of some kind–being her teacher saw it and that it is green and white.

I don’t mind toy guns for kids to play with. (And I’m talking about the neon colored, nerf ball/water shooting guns.) It wouldn’t be something I would personally buy for a child, but I would tolerate it. But I would NOT allow my own child to bring any type of toy gun to school. Simply, for the fear of a preschooler coming home and telling their parents “guess what Emma brought to school today….”

I’m actually shocked this boy’s parents let him bring it. I remember the director telling the parents that guns or weapons, even toy ones, are not allowed to be brought into the school for show and tell. Apparently, the idiot parents missed that meeting. I’m also a little annoyed that the teacher did not mention to me, “little Johnny brought a toy gun for show and tell, just so you know…”

Friday was her last “show and tell” day. So no more gun scares, hopefully.

One thought on “Disturbing show and tell.

  1. As long as Emma knows Gun Safety, that’s all that matters 😉 I have to admit, I do have fun at the gun shooting range, the few times I’ve been! I kind of feel like a bad ass when I go, LOL!


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