Happy Birthday, Kate!

We are going to Disney World to celebrate the girl’s May birthdays.

Today is–actually, being it’s 12:17 am, WAS–Kate’s birthday so we decided to do something laid back b/c going to Disney World to celebrate a birthday is kinda a big deal. And, a two-year-old really doesn’t know the difference between her birthday and any other day. I decided to make this day as fun as possible in the eyes of Kate.

If she could record this day, here is what I think she would say….

I had the greatest day a 2 year-old could ever have.

I woke up and cuddled with Mommy, Daddy and Boo-Boo in bed. I watched some cartoons. Then…GARAGE DOOR OPENS! AHHH! Who’s dat?
Our lab, Bailey comes running in! Then NANA! Weeeee! I fling my sippy cup of milk against the wall and ran to Nana with my arms wide open and gave her the biggest hug my little body could throw at her.

I played outside in our backyard all morning with Emma and Papa and Nana. I took a good 2 hour kitty nap. When I woke up, I talked to Aunt JJ and (shhhh…my personal favorite) Uncle Coo-Coo.

Then we went to Deanna Rose, a petting zoo!
I saw calfs and mommy cows. The calfs licked my hands. I saw Boo-Boo ride a pony (I am still too young). I went inside a teepee. I got to pet some rescue dogs too! They were like the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen! They weigh over 130 pounds. My favorite was feeding the baby goats with a bottle! Oh, but it didn’t start that innocent….
You see, we walk into the baby goat section and Nana hands me this bottle with milk in it. I was thirsty. I haven’t had a bottle in awhile, but I’ll take it! I took a sip or two. Mommy screamed and pointed at me. Daddy ripped the bottle out of my mouth. I really don’t understand why they freaked out. It was warm and delicious.

But, I am a good sharer (I do have a sister). I gave the rest to the baby goats coming up to me. 

Then we got some ice cream at an old fashioned ice cream parlor. I got cookies and cream. Here I am laughing at Nana. She’s so funny.

We finished off the day at Nina and Papa’s house! Nina had all my presents displayed around my cake! With balloons all over the kitchen! And Aunt Jenna was there! Then soon-to-be Uncle Steven came over! But, first things first, I dug right in to the cake then made funny guilty faces at my mom and the camera. 

We had some KC BBQ (Oklahoma Joe’s) for dinner. And some cake and ice cream! Then I opened presents. I got lots of toys and clothes!
Nana and Papa had to leave. Then Jenna and Steven left. 

I finished my perfect day pool side (only feet and occasionally butt) with Mommy, Daddy, Boo-Boo, Nina and Papa. Here I am with Boo-Boo. She’s my favorite person ever.

I am ready for Disney World, more time at the pool and some more summer weather!

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