Oh Emma.

I got a picture of my sister’s dog (Gracie) for “G” week (show and tell).

Me: Here is the picture for G week.
Emma: G week?
Me: Yeah…Grrrrrrracie!
Emma: But what about me.
Me: Your name starts with an E.
Emma: But I’m a girl. Giiiiirl!
I got Emma a cute long dress from Target. She tries it on for Scott.Emma: Do you like my new dress?
Scott: Yeah! It’s cute!
Emma:  Well…it feels ridiculous. But it does look gorgeous.
Scott: Go tell your mom that.
Emma: No, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.


I got Emma’s hair cut tonight.

Stylist: So, Emma…do you play with dolls?
Emma: Yes.
Stylist: How many do you have, a lot?
Emma: Like a million.


Stylist: What is your favorite food?
Emma: Macaroni and cheese.
Stylist: That sounds good! What is your favorite dessert?
Emma: Ice cream.
Stylist: What kind of ice cream?
Emma: Margarita.


Emma: we read The Cat in the Hat in school today.
Me: do you know who wrote that book?
Emma: uhhhh…doctor…susan.


Emma: What is that on your face, mom?!
Me: Emma. It’s a zit.
Emma: Looks kinda pimpley to me.
Me: Same thing.
Emma: Why’s it all dirty.
Me: I put makeup over it. It’s probably coming off.
Emma: Why?
Me: To cover it up. I don’t want people to see it.
Emma: Why not?
Me: UGH! because they would look at me and think ‘ew, that girl’s face is gross’
Emma: Is that why you had daddy pick me up from school today? You didn’t want my teacher to see it?
Me: (laughing) No.
Emma: Well, I can still see it with makeup on anyway.
Me: Thank you, Emma.
Last night we had a huge thunderstorm come through. Emma was asking a million questions to Scott and I about how the weather works…why does all this stuff happen.
I got sick of answering her questions, some I didn’t know the answer to. So I googled kids weather websites. There are some pretty cool ones. So we’re browsing one and it shows a youtube video of a tornado destroying a house.
Emma: How does a tornado stop?
Me: Hmmmm…Oh here we go. Someone asked that question lets find out. (I read to myself…) Oh, well it looks like no one knows why they stop…there are some guesses but no one knows for sure what goes on inside a tornado to make it stop. Hm…I didn’t know that.
Emma: Well, what makes hail go away when it lands on our driveway?
Me: It melts b/c it’s warm when we get hail.
Emma: Well, that was an easy answer.
Emma: Elliot told me he loved me today.
Me: What did you say?
Emma: I said, (high pitched squeaky voice, like the voice people use when they’re talking to a baby) “Oh, your voice is so cute when you say that. Ok, I love you too.”

I was cleaning the inside of my car today (happy mom?). Kate runs to the side of the house, unlocks the gate and runs to the back to play. Emma was laying out on her car seat in the driveway.

Me: em, will you go check on kate for me?
Emma: no.
Me: please? Pretend you are a dectective and you have to spy in her.
Emma: I’m on vacation.


Emma: Mommy, I’m making your hair curly like my hair b/c everyone loves my curly hair. They all want my hair. You can’t have my hair b/c I can’t really give it to you. But I will make it close. I will try to give you curly hair. It won’t be gorgeous like my hair but we will pretend.

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