By Tina Fey.

I must post a picture of the cover of this book:

The book is not as disturbing.
The book is actually very funny.
I didn’t know much about Tina Fey before reading this. Only knew her from Weekend Update on SNL and her Sarah Palin impressions.
Knowing very little about her or what she does, I still laughed a lot while reading the book about her life.

I especially love the part where she refuses to visit family during Christmas the years her daughter was a toddler. She made her husband’s family visit them in New York simply because she cannot stand the screaming in the car. AMEN! Maybe I’m really not crazy, stuck up, or rude to throw a fit about traveling with small children. Or maybe I am. But at least I have Tina Fey on my side.

It’s a funny book. Buy it.

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