3 Question Friday

1. Pencil or Pen?

Pen! I have a massive container filled with pens I’ve kept through the school years. I’d rather write things out then type them. Yes, Mandy–I would also re-write my notes just because I had a new pen. Although, I have a huge amount of respect for colored pencils with small children. For the most part it’s impossible to “color” on the couch, chairs, sink, spindles, toys…

2. What are you reading right now?

I just finished Harry Potter. Very obvious it is written for pre-teens. Not the highest “quality” writing. That being said, it’s highly entertaining. It’s creative overload. How did this woman think of this stuff? I could never in a million years think of anything so off-the-wall. Maybe that’s why she’s a best selling author…
I didn’t really care to keep on reading the series of Potter books but I did stumble upon the 2nd book in the library walking through the young teens section–it was right by the kids section. I went ahead and picked it up. Might as well….until I get my hands on a really good book.

3. Do you have a collection of some kind from childhood?

I was going to say no to this and put a big LOL at the people that do–I’m looking at you, those of you with with Beanie Babies.
But then I remember that I do have a collection. I have every Holiday Barbie from when the series started in 1988. They are still in their boxes, sadly never opened or played with. My mom gave us one every Christmas. She told us we could never open them, they would be worth money one day. I think the first one actually is worth quite a bit today. Who knows. And yes, Emma and Kate have their own unopened boxes since the years they have been born. So mean. I know.

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