Oh Emma.

Emma: Tyler and Elliot at my preschool. Um, they like the color green. Green is their favorite color.

Me: Cool.  Green is a nice color.
Emma: They must like the grass.
Emma: Here is a picture of you that I drawed.  It’s you as a baby.
Me: Awwww! Cute!
Emma: And here’s your bangs you didn’t like.
We’re moving boxes into the storage unit.  I had to explain to Emma they will just sit in a garage we rented until we buy a new house.

Emma: Hope we get an empty house.
I brought my hot coffee down and sat down at the computer.  Emma comes up to me.
Emma: Did you make me a decaf?
I was talking to Scott about the cute flower girl dresses Emma tried on today.
Scott: Emma, are you going to marry your daddy?
Me: Or Dax, at your preschool?
Emma: (laughing) Dax! HA! But he’s just my preschool friend. That
would be silly.  I’m marrying daddy.
Scott: I would marry you.  I would be a good husband.
Me: No, he won’t.  He hunts a lot and will leave you at the house.
Emma: No, I will hunt with him.


Me: Emma! Remember when little Belle Belle was a cute little puppy!!!
She was soooo cute! Belle! Belle!
Emma: Yeah.  And remember when we saw her little brother at daddy’s office?
Me:  Awwww…yeah! They were sooo cute!!! They fit in the palm of my hand!!
Emma: Yeah! And her brother…like had something hard on his
tummy…like…like that means he’s a boy.

I got Emma packed for Wichita.

Emma: Let’s pack my bag for the road now.  Let’s get some snacks.
Me: Let’s do that in the morning before school.
Emma: Uh…lemme think about that…uh…hmmm…I pick…do it now.

I was driving Emma to school today.

Emma: mom, can we listen to the radio?
Me: yep.
Emma: country!
Me: ugh. Fine.
(I saw on my radio screen that it was a George Straight song playing)
Me: do you know who is singing this song? George…..
Emma: Straight!
Me: (talking outloud, to myself) this song sucks. Lets find another country station.
Emma: Mom!!! You don’t change the channel on George Straight. Leave it!!


I was packing up boxes this past weekend. I got several cardboard box cuts on my hands. I put Emma’s princess bandaids on them.
Emma: Ooooo! Mommy! Did you get some boo-boos?
Me: Yeah, I did. I just got some little cuts from the boxes. They’re ok.
Emma: Oooooo! Can you see your skeleton?
Emma learned about what the President does today in honor of President’s Day.

Me: Emma! Did you learn about what the President does?
Emma: Yeah!
Me: Tell me.
Emma: I President allegiance…to the flag…of the United State of America…(continues to end)
Me: Emma, who is our President right now?
Emma: Uhhh…tell me.
Me: His name starts with an O
Emma: President Oboe
Me: Obama. President Obama.
Emma: I pledge allegiance…to the oboe….(laughs)
I took Emma to Walmart to get a few items. I noticed the moon look huge.
Me: Emma! Look at the moon, it looks huge!
Emma: He must have had himself a lot of sun today.
In Manhattan. We’re driving around campus.

Me: Emma, and this is where my classes were, mostly in this building. And daddy’s is right next door in that building.
Emma: What about that building?
Me: All these buildings have classrooms. Each building, for the most part, teaches something different.
Emma: Whoa. That’s a really big preschool.
Emma: Are  (aunt) Ashley and (uncle) mark married?
Me: Yes. Actually, you were in my tummy when they got married.
Emma: hm. Don’t remember that.
Me: Emma, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Emma: An artist. Like Jenna.
Me: That sounds fun!
Emma: Jenna is a great artist.
Me: Yep, she’s pretty good.
Emma: No, she’s great. I’m going to be great like Jenna. And uhhh…Kate is not a great artist. She needs to find another thing to grow up doing.
Me: Like what?
Emma: She’s gunna be a dancer. Like JJ. What do you wanna do when you grow up?
Me: I’m a full time mom!
Emma: (scrunches her nose) That’s kinda hard. You have a lot of stuff to do.
So I went to Price Chopper at around 5pm. I was desperate. We needed milk really bad.

So I packed up the girls and we went. I didn’t even have a chance to get a cart before I was marching right back out of the store.
Emma was throwing a tantrum about her shoes being wet right when we walked in. She was kicking her shoes off and screaming, right on the welcome rug. Kate was screaming for a “beep beep” cart. It was a scene. I dragged Emma/carried Kate right back to the car. Both were screaming.
I put her in timeout when we got home. Eventually, she stops crying and I tell her she can come out. Me, Kate and Emma were eating dinner.
Emma: I’m sorry I was a brat today, mommy.
Me: It’s ok. I’m never taking you and Kate to the store again.
Emma: But what about just you and me go to the store? Like tonight.
Me: I’ll think about it.
Emma: Think about Kate. Don’t think about me today.
I was at my parents house.
Kate was screaming, dramatically.

Emma: Kate! Don’t scream! We are not at our house.

Emma: Mommy, you have a boog in your nose.

Me: Oooo…I do!! AHH!! (start wiping my nose)
Emma: April Fools.

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