What not to say…

If your house is on the market and you get a 8:30 pm phone call saying someone is coming to look at your house the next morning, don’t be the spouse that says:

Husband: Why are you emptying the waste baskets in the bathrooms?
Wife: I was on my period. It’s pretty gross in there. And it’s just sanitary.
Husband: No one ever looks in your waste baskets. Just throw some toilet paper on top.


Wife: Do you want to take a shower tonight? I’m going to clean the bathrooms.
Husband: I’ll just take one before I leave in the morning.


Husband: Why are you cleaning the toilets? No one looks in your toilet.


Husband: Don’t go all crazy cleaning until 1:00 am again. It shouldn’t take that long. It should take 30 minutes tops. It will take 30 minutes in the morning to do a clean sweep and we’ll be done.


Husband: Just call your mom and have her come over and help clean in the morning. You two can have it ready in like what, an hour?


Husband: Why are you mopping at night? The girls will make a mess anyway. Mopping should be the last thing you do. Mop your way out.
Wife: And put a “Wet Floor” sign out?


Wife: Can you put the toys in the living room back in the playroom?
Husband: Nah, the kids will play with them in the morning.


Husband: Ok, write a list of things you want me to do. I’ll do them during commercial breaks of the Royals game.

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