My daughter from across the pond…

Scott was putting Emma to bed tonight. I was on the computer downstairs, nursing my throat that is on fire, with a cup a decaf….

Scott comes down and tells me the accent I taught Emma is hilarious. I asked what accent would that be. He said she is speaking in an English accent and it is ridiculous. Really? English accent? I get English, Irish and Australian accents all mixed together. I never speak in accents unless I’m making fun of Scott’s twang country music. I tried to speak in a southern accent when we lived in Charleston, South Carolina and I got laughed at. I speak like where I am from — American midwest “no-accent”. I do not deviate from that.
I have never heard Emma speak in an English accent. I ran up there. She was hiding under her covers. I pull them off her and she says, “‘Hello, Mummy.”
I started cracking up. I ran off and got my phone and recorded her.
She would have a conversation with me and repeat her sentences, trying to tweak the accent.

Where in the world did she hear this accent?!?!?!
I’m trying to think of anywhere on tv…or anyone in her preschool…cartoons…radio…movies….I dunno….
She’ll really do anything to stay awake and not go to bed….

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