Potty trained in one afternoon…moving on.

Kate showed interest in sitting on the potty chair around 18 months. She would sit and look at me and wait.

She never did anything but she understood what it meant to “pee” or “poop”.

I decided to put the potty chair away until after she turned 2. We are going to Disney World at the end of May. Yes, it would be nice for her to be potty trained early. But I also don’t want to have to deal with the “I have to go NOW, Mommy” and come with a full pack of backup underwear in my purse. So I haven’t even mentioned the “potty” to her.

Today, I was on the couch reading a book. Emma and Kate are running around having a dance party. Kate decides to get undressed. She’s naked. I was too lazy to get a diaper. I told Emma to get her potty chair to see if she would sit.
Kate runs over and sits immediately. Emma is cheering her on to pee. I continue reading my book. Emma screams.


I yell, “what?! No way!!!”
Kate stands up and looks at Emma and me, clapping and screaming. She has no expression on her face as if to say, “What? No big deal.”

So I clean the potty and put it back. Kate walks back to it, sits and pees again. Gets up and walks off. No biggie.

She did this two more times. One more pee and a fart.

I put her diaper back on. It’s been dry so far.
Looks like I will be packing size 2 underwear in her suitcase….better map out where all the bathrooms are at in Magic Kingdom. Is there an app for that?

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