Was once the bride, now forever a bridesmaid…

I am in full wedding planning mode.

The disadvantage to being one of the first to get married is all the stuff you missed out on.

Here are the things that have become popular in weddings nowadays: (that mostly didn’t exist in 2004…)

1. Bachelorette parties in other cities. Ok, I’m sure this has gone on since before 2004. But my sisters get to travel. I got WESTPORT. I’m bitter.
2. Photobooths. Like the kind at the mall. You know, push the button then it takes 4 pictures in a row. The actual booth is at your reception for guests to have fun with.
3. Very fancy websites.
4. Custom or homemade invites. They are like little books filled with pullouts.
5. Save the date cards.

I am the Matron of Honor for my sister’s upcoming wedding. I am offering my Adobe Illustrator services to her.

Be looking for updates on my work.

First thing I got done is their website

I also started working on her programs. These are the covers. They will be tied with string in the corner and you will flip to each page. I still have to work on the actual program…

Also working on:
Save the dates
Invites– I am scared to do this. I hope they don’t look cheap. My mom and Jenna are insisting they will be fine. I’m nervous. AH!
Childhood picture video for rehearsal dinner

So you know….wedding planning, raising two crazy kids all day, house is for sale….
Don’t be offended if I am a little slow to get back to people lately…

Ok, now it's your turn - write me back.

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