A coughing fit CURE!

Two nights ago, we gave Emma codeine to help her stop coughing at night and actually get some sleep. It was wonderful. Everyone in the house finally got some sleep.

Last night, we gave her benedryl to see if she could sleep through the coughing fits. Her doctor told us not to give her codeine for several nights in a row. It’s more of a last resort. Benedryl did not work. Emma was up coughing continuously starting around midnight. We couldn’t give her more codeine on top of the benedryl.

Scott pulls out his iPhone and googles “stopping coughing at night in child”.

Nearly every blog, forum, wiki answers, yahoo questions, etc….all say the same recommendations from other parents: PUT VICKS VAPOR RUB ON BOTTOM OF FEET AND PUT SOCKS ON OVER.

This was all said by people that do not have any sort of medical degree. All parents. No medical websites suggested this.
So Scott gets out the vicks and rubs a thick layer on the bottom of her feet then puts socks on her.

5 minutes later. Emma was sound asleep. And slept all night peacefully.

The nurse from em’s pediatrician called me this morning to check on Emma. I told her what we did. The nurse laughed and said, “yes, that will work. We cannot legally tell you to do that. But for some reason, that seems to work with kids with night coughs. We don’t know why. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Geez, lady!! I’m kinda mad that a narcotic trumps vicks on the feet. You would think the side effects of codeine are way more dangerous than vicks….

So for all you parents with a coughing child at night…load up on vicks!!

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