A splurge…

Scott got a new camera lens for my camera.
I’m not kidding you, it’s massive.

It’s like what sports photographers bring to Chiefs games….

Scott is not really into photography. I know some but I am no expert.
He bought this lens because he read that it is great for taking pictures of birds/ducks that fly in while hunting. It’s meant for taking pictures at a distance and moving at fast speeds.

I am all for him shooting pictures of birds instead of bullets. And I am all for camera gadgets.

I took the camera out a few days ago. Maybe it was last week…I forgot. I just know Emma and Kate were somewhat healthy to play outside. I’m sure the neighbors think I am a complete freak for having a paparazzi camera. Eh, who cares. They’ve seen worse from us. We’re the naked house.

I also bought a kinda expensive (for an app) interactive “book” for the ipad. It’s on taking digital pictures. It’s amazing. I am recalling everything I learned in high school photography. I am learning great tips and techniques. I would recommend it to anyone with a remote interest in photography. So hopefully, this lens won’t be a complete waste! If Scott doesn’t use it, then I will.

Ok, now it's your turn - write me back.

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