What’s going on here….

What I have been up to….

– The return to Fake St. Patty’s Day in Manhattan. Aka: all day drinking with college friends. The friends have dwindled down this year due to babies being born. And this year, we were all in bed by 8pm. It’s always fun running around old stomping grounds acting completely immature all day. And no, there was no puking in Scott’s shoe this time…(if you don’t know the story, please ask me sometime…)

– Emma got pink eye.

– Emma got pink eye in the other eye.

– Emma got a cold, high fever, bad cough. Monday night, we took her to Children’s Mercy because she was having trouble breathing. She also said her head hurt and couldn’t stop shaking. Diagonsed with croup. Got a steroid and a round of Tylenol and motrin to bring her fever down. The head ache and shaking was due to her fever being so high for so long.

– Emma still has coughing fits every night. Scott has been up with her every night this week sitting in a steamy bathroom. Usually between the hours of 2am and 4am.

– I have had a war with ants this week. I’ve become obsessed with ant killer spray. And vinegar. And windex. And ant killer liquid. I hope they die long tortured deaths.

– Kate has a cold and got her 2nd ear infection just weeks after finishing her first antibiotics for an ear infection. Same ear.

– We have our first house showing tomorrow. My mom helped me deep clean everything today. It’s so clean and pretty, I am almost sad to sell it…

– I’m considering home schooling after the amount of illness this family has had. Ok, not really. But I’m really tired of it.

And speaking of tired, I’m off to bed. Just watched the Cats knock out a win in the big dance…now I can go to bed happy.

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