My hidden talent.

This is completely random but I would like you to know I have a hidden talent.

I can easily remember birthdays, sometime anniversaries. I don’t know why.
Not just my own immediate family. I know all my aunts, uncles, cousins, my friends, my friends kids. Even Scott’s side of the family. If I’m not right, I’m definitely within the month, usually within the week.

I don’t even try to memorize them. I recognize patterns within birthdays too. I know myself, my cousin Lisa, my cousin Ryan all got married on the 17th. July, August, September, respectively.

If you tell me your birthday once, I’ll always remember. I will usually text you or email you as well. I feel like everyone should get as many birthday wishes as possible.

I will look at the date and automatically think to myself “oh this date is important…who’s birthday is today…” It will end up being a grade school friend or something.

When I meet someone new and they happen to mention their birthday. I will think to myself “yeah, they look like a December baby. I can see that.” I have a knack for telling who is spring, summer, fall or winter baby.

I’m not so good with years. Just dates.

Go ahead, test me. I probably know your birthday and you don’t even know it.

Ok, now it's your turn - write me back.

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