I got myself another comedian.

I’m rocking Kate to sleep tonight. I start to play with my camera phone. I have never had a flash on my phone before! I had to try it out.

I told Kate to say cheese. I took a picture her in the pitch dark. The flash surprised her and the picture took with her eyes shut.

She started laughing.

Kate: ‘nother.
Me: You want another picture?
Kate: Uh huh. Cheeeeese.
(There are 2 flashes. One lights up so it can focus. And the second lights up when it actually takes the picture. She keeps her eyes shut the whole time. Doesn’t even try to open them. Yet, makes this huge grin on her face.)

Kate: ‘nother.
Me: What???
Kate: ‘nother.
Me: Fine.
Kate: Cheeeeeese. 

Kate: ‘nother.
Me: One more then you need to lay down.
Kate: Cheeeeese

I snap ‘nother pic while she was laying on me. 

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