I got a few days off to myself.  The girls went off to Wichita while Scott worked out of the Wichita office.

Day 1 (really, it wasn’t a day): I dropped the girls off in Emporia to meet my mother-in-law at 5pm. It was not a good ride. Screaming, fighting, crying, tantrums, ripped valentines everywhere, valentine candy everywhere. Egh, I don’t want to talk about it.  I dropped them off, drove back towards KC. The rest of the night consisted of getting a car wash, grabbing something to eat and watching the K-State/KU game. It was great cheering loudly all to myself without worrying about waking anyone up. I was also kicking myself for opting not to meet Scott in Manhattan that night.  I thought for sure it would be a blow out and didn’t want to watch in person. Oh, it was a blow out. But in K-State’s favor. Scott and his dad said the game was unbelievable.  Enough about that.

Day 2: I got a 9am facial.  I purposely made an early appointment so I would get out of bed. I had to figure out how to set the alarm. It’s been years since I’ve used one.
The woman asked what my plans were the rest of the day. I told her I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch. She put some “tinted moisturizer” on my face so I would have some makeup on. I thank her, pay and leave. I look in the mirror in my car. My face was orange. I frantically wipe off all the orange. It didn’t help much. (This is why I don’t wear facial makeup). Had lunch with Patti. Went home.

I de-cluttered, cleaned, sanitized, danced to music the rest of the day.

Late that night, I get a phone call from Scott. Emma was very ill–low-grade fever, chills, crying, terrible coughing fits. He called the on-call doctor at her pediatrician’s office. The nurse at Children’s Mercy called him back and said it was probably a virus. Do the normal stuff…humidifier, sleep up-right, vicks on chest, spoonful of honey, no cold medicine, blah blah blah, heard it a million times…

Day 3: My only plans were to keep de-cluttering and cleaning. I get a phone call from Scott at 9am. He was on his way to a pediatrician’s office with Emma. (Scott works with doctors and his boss got him an appointment within 20 minutes). She developed a 103 temperature. She got no sleep at all. She would have these coughing fits where she would actually stop breathing. The fever wouldn’t go down with tylenol. Scott was terrified. He is never terrified when the girls get sick. He was freaking me out. All I could do was sit by the phone wishing I was with Emma. They did a chest xray, strep test. Lungs were clear of fluid. He diagnosed her with the flu and bronchitis. He said she most likely has strep too but the results were inconclusive (She turned her head away and they couldn’t get a good sample, twice). There is nothing we could do for the flu (yes, she had the flu mist in the fall. Apparently, it doesn’t always work). But he gave her an antibiotic for the bronchitis/strep. Scott was told she is highly contagious. Scott brought the girls home that evening.

Emma was carried in. I’m not kidding you–she looked like she was on her deathbed. She wouldn’t respond to anyone talking to her. She would just look at you with droopy eyes and stare. I was shocked how terrible she looked. She didn’t even look like Emma. She still had a fever of 101. Scott said she actually improved from earlier! Ah!
We tried to make her as comfortable as possible. A few hours later, her fever broke. She started sweating. Everything she was laying on was drenched. She started talking to us and saying she was hungry. Scott took her temp and it was normal.

She hasn’t had a fever since. She was running around today like nothing happened. She still has a bad cough and runny nose. But that is nothing compared to the past few days. She is happy and joking around.

My “me-cation” has come to an abrupt end. My house is de-cluttered and mostly clean for pictures. All non-essentials are packed away in storage. I enjoyed about 1.5 days of it without worries. It was great. I miss being all alone. I recommend all stay-at-home moms find 1 or 2 days to get rid of the husband/kids and just be alone. Not to mention, my house looks the best it’s ever looked. All the junk is gone. Right down to every single drawer. My house is refreshed. I am refreshed….

Until I got a phone call about my very sick daughter… then all I wanted was to do was hold her. It’s amazing how I can morph into “mommy” mode even hundreds of miles away.

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