4 year old questions.

Emma is at an age where she is constantly asking questions. Who, what, when, where, why and how are the words that come out of her mouth all day.

Most of the time I know the answer.

Why does Belle need a haircut and Bailey doesn’t?

Because Belle has longer, curlier hair. It needs to stay short so it doesn’t get tangled and full of dirt.

Sometimes, I know the answer and I can respond in an intelligent way.

Why do we get tornados?

Because way up in the sky, usually in spring or summer, warm air will mix with cool air. When they mix, it causes thunderstorms. Sometimes the thunderstorms get out if control and the winds will build up and spiral out of control. When the funnel of wind hits the ground, it’s a tornado. They can destroy anything it touches, even our house! That’s why you need to go to the basement, it’s below ground. Tornados can’t reach underground.

Sometimes, I don’t know the answer and offer to look it up.

Did my cookies I made Uncle Mark and Aunt Ashley get to their house by someone driving them or on an airplane?

I did research on the post office website and it was by truck.

Sometimes, I can’t find words to explain something yet I know what it is. This is when I feel incredibly DUMB.

What does frustrated mean?

Uh, well….like you are mad at someone or something, no, not really…like uh…I dunno. You’re frustrated. You get fed up with something…sorta, but not like “giving up” though. Ah! Like…it’s when you say, “ARGHHHHHHHHH!” You’re frustrated. Get it?

What does thoughtful mean?

Uh…like when someone thinks of you. Well, kinda. They think of you and give you a present. No, that’s not right. Um…they are thoughtful. They thought about it a lot. They have a lot of thoughts about someone…kinda…and they do something to show it? Uh, get it?

I start to question how I even graduated college. Or even high school. These are not questions I can google. How do elementary school teachers do it? They must be bombarded with these questions every day. I can end my day feeling smart and giving my child knowledge. Or I can feel like I don’t even know my own language. This is one reason why I like she is school. She doesn’t have her dumb mom answering simple little questions.

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