New phone!

Ok whenever I get my phone out, most people will ask me why I have such a crappy phone. Scott asks me that every time he has to use my phone.

I went from a flip-up phone to a touch screen phone with internet.  I made an upgrade at the time but not the “cool” upgrade like everyone else with Android or iPhones.

Scott decided to go hunting on Saturday morning. He promised to be back by at the latest 2pm.  He texted me around 1pm and said he wouldn’t be home until 7pm. The girls had colds, I had a cold, I had cramps and I really needed his help.

As you can probably guess, I was furious. This is a very common occurrence with Scott.  I even tell him to overestimate when he will be home and he’ll still be late.

When he dropped that bomb on me, I decided to have a little random shopping spree to make up all the money/time he spends hunting.

I left the house, dropped the girls off with my sister and went to T-Mobile.

I walk in.

“Show me the top-of-the-line phone. What is the coolest phone I could possibly have?”

The employee showed me these 4G phones.  They were amazing.  I remember reading something about the battery life. I asked about that. The employee admitted that with average usage I could get 6 hours out of a full battery.  I would have to charge my phone twice a day.  Oh, there’s just no way. Not worth it. Especially considering we don’t have a house line.

I asked for the next step down.  Hello, Motorola Defy 3G.  It is an Android phone. It is also one of the only smart phones that has a scratch resistant screen, dust proof, and water resistant. Sold. (I did admit to having two little girls and asked if there was a water proof one.  He laughed.)

My contract wasn’t up for a new upgrade but I was eligible for a discount. $210 later a brand new cool phone was in my hands. I was up until 2 am playing with it.  It does more than I could ever imagine. I love it. I was missing so much! Why didn’t someone tell me??? Ok, they did.

One thing I was kinda shocked at: it downloaded all my facebook friend’s phone numbers (if they listed it on facebook) into my contact list! Also their birthdays into my calender.  Their address if they listed it.  Their email addresses.

Whoa. Too much information!

I don’t like knowing that much about acquaintances, old boyfriends, friend’s parents, my 2nd grade BFF…you get the picture.  These are people I like to keep in touch with occasionally to see how they’re doing but not so much that I need their phone number and email address. I pray that Kate does not accidently call my 5th grade teacher on accident.

I think there might be a way to “hide” all my facebook friends on my phone.  I’m working on figuring that out.  These smart phones can sometimes be too smart. But still awesome.

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