The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

by Stieg Larsson

Finished this a few nights ago.  I read half the book in one evening.  Up until 2 am.  Damn mysteries–I hate waiting to find out what happens and I can’t stop!

Honestly, I thought it would be better.  The plot was good.  The characters were amazingly thought out and complex.  I didn’t want to stop reading once I really got into the book.

But getting into the book was a little difficult.  Lots of characters to remember.  I kept going back and trying to remember who was who.  And I feel a little dumb saying this, but I can’t follow all the financial/business speak.  Way over my head. I actually got a little bored at the end once the mystery was solved.

I’ve heard from my brother the next two books in the series are a lot better.  Not as much corporate talk.

Oh, and another thing about this book…
I hate it when I figure out part of the mystery a couple chapters into the book!

I won’t say what or how for those of you that have not read it.

I should really be a detective on the side….

On to the next book–to be continued….

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