New blog name!

I’ve been putting this off for about a year and half now.  It’s actually on my other half of my Bucket List.
I need a blog name.  “Julie’s Blog” is about as boring as you can get.

I read my blog from start to finish sometime last week while I was sick in bed.  I laughed a lot. There was a lot of things I forgot about: Kate pooping on my face, the dead bird head in our basement, the growing list of “Oh Emma”.

It’s strange going back and reading what I forgot about.  I see it from a fresh, outsiders perspective.  I want to hang out with this family.  I feel like I would laugh a lot. We talk about poop way too much. Some posts are serious, but the majority of them at least made me smile. Like I said in my first post, it’s an open diary of things I want to remember. Even the horrible, grotesque things are kinda funny.

So I tried to really think of a good name for the past couple days.  I used the thesaurus a lot. Trying to go off from humor…

I read a few names to Scott and he said they were all horrible. I told him to help me.

Within a matter of 1 minute, he came up with “Bug Bytes”.

I don’t think I’ve formally referred to myself as “Bug” in my blog.  And it doesn’t hint at being “funny”. But I like it.

Bug is a nickname of mine.  Nearly every family member calls me Bug.  A day or so after I was born, my dad (or maybe it was a nurse) said, “She’s as cute as a bug!” From then on, I was known as “Julie Bug” or “Bug” sometimes “Buggie”.  If you ask me, bugs are ugly….but whatever.

I told him I needed a subtitle.

He comes up with:

Bug Bytes
Don’t get your hopes up. (He thought this was hilarious.)

Bug Bytes
A blog about nothing. (This is taken by my friend, Mandy. Nice try Scott)

I’ll be working on a subtitle….

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