How I get an ab workout.

Emma makes me laugh.  All the time.  She is constantly making me laugh on purpose or not on purpose.  It’s how I get my ab workout daily.  I go through most of my day laughing.  It’s a workout.  I swear.

It’s mostly because of her age, I’m sure.  Although, I’m beginning to think she will be a stand-up comic.  She knows when someone has a camera to pose in one of her funny faces.  She doesn’t need to be told.  She just does it knowing she will get laughs.  With the click of the shutter, she will change the face. She insists on looking at the pictures afterwards to make sure it’s funny enough.

“Let’s do halloween funny faces.”
Just the things she does every day is funny.  I’m sure she didn’t intend for this to be funny, but I think it’s hilarious. And very clever.
Emma told me she found this card in the toys.  And she liked it.
Then she saw it is Kate’s.  She decided to make it “to Emma” instead of Kate (left page) so she could keep it herself.
She makes Kate a “new” card.  Just like her old one.
“She will never know I took her card.”
And makes Kate’s new card, “To Kate from Emma.”
She hid the real card in her room.

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